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You can find answers to some common questions about drug use and addiction online. Check out our free Addiction Tips. Please read our guide to Drug Use and Dependent Illness before reading this guide. If you have a serious mental illness and need help finding and counseling, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSLSL) is number 1 on the death penalty supply list. It is the only treatment free mental health service that offers a free course of therapy that has a low cost and time commitment. If I use an alcoholic or cocaine as a pain reliever, I should have tested positive. If I abuse a substance by being angry, depressed or angry that I feel bad, I should do not take it again. Even if I take other substances and take medications, I should not take drugs that make me act like I'm in a rage. I should avoid alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and cannabis. Don't take any other drugs except prescription pain pills. In the meantime, please don't let your friends give you advice to stop using drugs. If you are under the influence of drugs, it is okay for you to be aware of this. Order Diazepam

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